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"My mare started with a "round" of scratches and I have never found anything that gave her relief from the itching. That is until a new boarder at my barn let me borrow some of her Equaide. I could almost hear my old girl saying, "Ah...that's much better".  With one treatment the weeping has dried and she is no longer stomping her foot. Thank you - Please contact Equestrian Outfitters, Somers, CT, they are a great tack store...860-749-4420"

Jodie S. June 4

"Sirs – on March 3rd. I received the jar of Equaide that I had ordered and started the application March 4th.  This was on a wound that had happened in Dec. and which I had been treating with some other known over-the-counter products with little success.  With some more internet research I came across your product and was impressed by the testimonials.  I started the treatment with every other day applications and wrapping.  I am happy to say that the wound is almost completely healed and the horse is sound.  I have stopped treatment at this point, but will continue to watch it.  There is no sign of proud flesh now.  I would recommend this product to others with similar problems.  Attached are 4 photos taken 3/4/09, 3/12/09, 3/21/09 and 3/29/09.  The results speak for themselves."

John C. March 30


"We have used your proud flesh product in Victoria. We were using Equaide on our horse’s leg after a nasty cut had occurred. Within days of applying this product we found that there was great improvement upon the leg. Friends that had saw the leg before and after referred to Equaide as the miracle cream. We have been so pleased with the quick healing process that our leg injury has undergone after using Equaide. As users of your product we refer it to anyone who has horses with cuts and wounds. We would like to thank you for your help with our injury. Thanks Mitch."

Mitchell F.  January 2


"The horse in the photo is Jazz, she is a 2 year old filly, last March she got tangled in a wire and cut her leg, We have been fighting with this injury since then, changing the bandage every other day since the injury. A conservative estimate on the money we have spent up to this point with vet bills and over the counter medications, bandages and wraps is no less than $3,500. I came across your web page when searching for ways to burn off the proud flesh, talking to an old cowboy I was told that they used to sear the wound with a hot branding iron to kill the proud flesh growth and start the healing. So when I came across your product, we were at the end of the line, if the searing didn't work we were going to have her put down. I saw your ad, read it and my wife and I decided we have tried everything else, what's one more gimmick, before giving up on her. I followed the directions for application last night and when I went to change the bandage this evening, to my surprise the proud flesh is all but gone!!! I couldn't believe my eyes, the yellow growth was gone and there was a gray hardened cap on the wound.  Thank You, I am more optimistic about her recovery than I have been in past 6 months. Again Thank You."

Scott W. December 3


"...I used ointments that I have always used for random injuries, but nothing this gruesome. No matter what I used, it did not seem to be getting any better. As a matter of fact, it appeared to be getting worse. By November, two months after the injury occurred, I was fed up and feeling frustrated that she was simply not healing. I stumbled across Equaide while browsing the internet for proud flesh solutions and ointments. I was reluctant at first, due to price and online shopping in general. But, with a money back guarantee and the testimonials I saw, I felt a little bit more at ease. I got in my first two ounce jar and decided to give it a go. The second hoof photo is of her foot on 11/20/06, after religiously cleaning and doctoring the wound with different varieties of ointments and solutions bought at the local tack stores since the injury occurred two months prior. I have actually never had a horse with this much proud flesh forming from an injury. On 11/20 I cleansed her foot per the directions on the Equaide. I then applied my thin layer of medicine and wrapped the foot. I unwrapped the foot 48 hours later. Tears actually welled up in my eyes. The proud flesh was all but gone. The wound now had a smooth surface. I tell you now, I would never have a believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes..."

Jaime B. November 7  [please click here to go to Jaime's Photos and Full Testimonial]


"I just wanted to let yall know what a wonderful product you have! My mare and I were new to our stable, when she got a small cut on the inside of her right front leg, just below the knee. It quickly got worse, and then my trainer told me that she was starting to get proud flesh. I have never had a horse get this, and so when I heard that it sometimes has to be cut off, I was extremely worried. My mares proud flesh, was not as bad as some that I have seen, it was about the size and shape of a silver dollar, and stuck up about an inch off her leg. After treating it for a month or two with swat and Furazone, it wasn't getting any better. I came home and searched for proud flesh treatment, and found your website. After seeing some of the before and after pictures, I thought I would give it a try. Once I received the Equaide, I started treating her with it. I used it for 2 days, before I had to go out of town, and it had already started to dry up the proud flesh. My trainer continued to treat my mare with it while I was out of town, and by the time I got back, 2 weeks later, it was almost gone! I'm sorry I didn't take any before or after pictures because your product really did an amazing job!!! I was lucky to have found it when I did, I believe it helped stop the proud flesh before it got any worse. I am a forever user!! Thanks so much!!"

Sarah P. October 5


"I just ordered my second container of Equaide for my 4 year old.  He's like Dennis the menace out in the field. Equaide has saved me so many times for all his bumps and bruises.  He got himself good on Sunday and needed to be stitched.  I was wondering, can I put Equaide over his wound where he was stitched just to hold him together....Please let me know ASAP!!!(Equaide will dissolve the stitches and should not be applied to stitches) Thank God for Equaide, I should buy stock in it!!!  My horse looks like an Cherokee' Indian's horse when I put him to bed at night, he's full of war paint.  All I can say is Equaide works wonders! Thanks a million."

Nettie & Diesel  October 2


"My horse gave himself a really good boink on the head, and basically looked like a unicorn. I gave it a month, then decided to call a vet because it did not resolve itself. I actually thought it was a bone fracture, it was so large. The vet said no, it had just developed proud flesh and was probably going to get bigger. She suggested plastic surgery to remove it. When I rode him, people would gasp and ask what had happened to him. The cream that the vet gave me wasn't helping to diminish the weird look. A girl working at the Red Barn in Loxahatchee told me to use your product, that people had been saying it worked. In three days I noticed a marked improvement. Now, he has only a small scar that you can't really notice, and it is pretty much flat. Anyway, thanks, you have a great product. Plastic surgery for a horse? I don't think so! Ha"

Beth G.  October 23


"I had previously wrote you about the boarder with the proud flesh, that today there is not even a bump to show where it was. Well what would you think the odds of her mother's horse incurring a severe injury, being cut down to the bone in the knee area. It could not be stitched and was some 4-5 inches long and gaping about 2" wide.  We were not sure he would even survive the severity of the wound. But, having seen your product at work, after the initial round of antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, bandage changes and cleaning, I went ahead a began using Equaide on the fifth day. Due to the location, I had to be creative with the bandaging, but managed to keep it fairly well in place. At the end of 2 weeks, it looked like a normal cut. And today, there is not even a scar remaining. My vet, who initially treated the horse, was amazed when he saw him recently. Again, thanks for your wonderful product."

Monica S. August 22


"I have just ordered my second jar. I've been very pleased with the results. I was one day short of calling the vet out to cut away proud flesh when I found your web-site and decided to try Equaide first.  The improvement was rapid and dramatic."

Karla M. March 25


"Here is a picture history of the healing of my horse's leg thanks only to your product. Your product really did SAVE his life.  I spent $1,000 and had 3 vets in the first month before I found your product.  I have told everyone I know who owns horses and got a local feed dealer to carry your product.  I had a veterinarian refer a client to me to show her how to heal her horse's leg (he said that conventional treatments would not work for the wound her horse had). "Elvis" would have been euthanized had I not found your product.  People think I work for you, but I am so excited about the success I had with your product that I feel compelled to share with others.  Anyone who thinks your product is expensive should think again!  I spent a total of $182 healing this wound (plus diapers). All I can tell anyone is:  Buy the product, follow the directions and if they need help to call you.  I did and have the proof.  Once again, Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you." 

Laura B. November 25 (for the pictures of Elvis sent to us by Laura click here)


"I wanted to tell you what a wonderful product you have. I wish I had taken a picture of the proud flesh on my 3-year old mare before and after. I can say, she had a ball of proud flesh off the back of her front hoof about the size of a softball. I had paid for the vet to cut it off twice, used wonder dust, tried many things until your product. Finally, the proud flesh is going and the area has healed and she has a small area about the size of a quarter that has scabbed over like a normal cut. Thank you so much for your wonderful product."

Debbie B. November 11


"Sorry I have no before and after pics, but I'd like you to know how wonderful your product is!!! My QH gelding pulled a large flap of skin
away from the back of his knee while I was on vacation. While the caretaker was able to keep it clean and without infection, there was
quite a buildup of proud flesh. Following your directions, the Equaide paste cleaned up the ugly wound in about 6 weeks. I saw progress after
just a few days. Thanks for such a great product."

Marie M. September 13


"Hello from two very satisfied customers in Kentucky. We have used your Equaide product on our horse with great success. Our horse was seriously damaged in his back and front right legs. We had him stitched up, but the stitches soon popped out. So being faced with two very serious open wounds, we decided to order the small Equaide. The results were so great and the healing process so good that we ordered a second jar, the large one this time. Every other day we are using your product. Thanks again for offering this great product; we feel it saved our horses life."

Dana & Lin September 5


"Just thought I would bring you up to date with what is happening with the wire cut on the inside of her hock that my Oldenburg mare Atlanta incurred the first week of last December. I had told you in a previous e-mail I tried everything short of selling my soul to the devil to stem the proud flesh that kept erupting from this small but stubborn and angry wound. With no success. Finally 8 weeks ago I began applying the Equaide with immediate results. Right now there is no more proud flesh being made. There is now a hairless area maybe an inch and a half long by an inch plus top to bottom which was the original deep part of the cut. That area is now covered with a kind of flat leathery scab. The open part of it dwindled down to a tiny slit. Although the wound never caused her to go lame, there was a large lump or swelling underneath and surrounding the wound. That has gone down I would say now about 85 to 90% and seems to be continuing to heal. When I touch it now, the remaining hard swelling under the wound has softened a great deal. I am only putting the Equaide on about every five days now. I carefully peel off the leathery scab if it seems ready to go. Otherwise, I just put on more Equaide. I would love it if hair grew back, as she is a beautiful creature, but I am unsure it will. In any case I am very grateful to be rid of this scourge. Even the field service vet, who recommended surgery, burning off, cryosurgery, etc. etc. and has looked at it every single time he came to that barn, said it looks much better. Thanks for your product. I hope I have even better news in future. I have tried taking photos but they just have not worked out. Will try again."

Mary D. July 14


"I called tonight and ordered  a 5 oz. jar of Equaide for the 3rd time.  I have attached pictures of my 9 year old Quarter Horse Gelding "Major Kashtin",  "Kash" for short. (my husband wanted to call him Kash, because he cost lots of it!).  Kash was chased by two Lab mix dogs at night through a smooth wire fence and we didn't discover that he was injured until the daylight hours on the 27th of February 2005.  He was rushed to our vet office that morning and the skin on both his hind legs was stretched, pulled & stitched back into place the best that our vet could do.  We were very thankful that there was not tendon or muscle damage. Three weeks later, I was in tears, Kash had developed proud flesh the size of my fist on his right hind leg and the left leg was starting to look almost as bad. We made another trip to our Vet " Dr Bob" and he removed the growth.

I had a mare years earlier,  that I had a similar experience with, where her hind leg was severally cut on bared wire, which took 3 years to heal.  We spent months and tons of money, cutting off the proud flesh, bandaging, trips to the vet,  and trying several different products that claimed to prevent proud flesh, but didn't work.  I was desperate to find a product that really worked.  I read about Equaide in Western Horseman and checked out your web site. I was amazed at the pictorials on your web site. At this point,  I was willing to try anything once. My husband wasn't to sure, but knew I was desperate.  Your product worked from the start and we haven't had cut any proud flesh since. To my utter astonishment, Kash's hair is growing back over the scar tissue.  The attached pictures speak louder than my words.  It is now June, Kash and I just starting (very gingerly) to do short rides.  Hopefully he will be healed by September.   Thanks a million!!"

Kathy E. June 28


"I just placed an order for Equaide.  A friend used it on her horse's hock and it truly is amazing."

Linda R., DVM June 22


"I know you get letters about your superior product all the time, but I had to write you about my experience. A boarder purchased a horse who had proud flesh on his fetlock. We had our vet remove it surgically. I t started growing back the next day. Not being aware of your product, I again had it removed and applied the usual spray-on remedy, with no results. Out of frustration (by this time the proud flesh was the circumference of a silver dollar and about 1-1/2" above normal skin) I searched the web and found you. I began treatment in February and by the end of March, the proud flesh had totally disappeared, and the skin had grown back normally and hair had grown back. Thank you for a truly remarkable product. I'm only sorry I didn't think to take photos but we went from cauliflower to smooth skin in about 7 weeks. Thanks again."

Monica S. June 17


"Just wanted to tell you that last night marked three weeks that I had been applying your product to my mare's hock lesion. The original cut which occurred last fall- who knows how, but I think she kicked out at another horse and caught the leg on wire- was not that large, but it refused to heal and produced a great deal of granulation tissue. I battled the proud flesh production for 8 months, with everything I tried only seeming to make the proud flesh grow more exuberantly. The vet recommended cryosurgery or burning it off, but I was reluctant to try that as I knew there was no guarantee that would NOT produce more proud flesh as a consequence. I decided to give your product 3 weeks trial. I am happy to report the lesion has shrunk a great deal, more than I ever expected it would in this amount of time. It is now only a little more than an inch from side to side and perhaps 3/4 inch top to bottom. The open, unhealed part of the lesion that remains is flat now and the inclination to produce the proud flesh has diminished. And this after 8 months!!! I had my doubts to tell the truth, just because it had been active for so long. Now I will continue to use Equaide and I don't think I ever want to be without it on hand. Thank you so much for creating this product. You can not imagine the frustration I felt seeing this horrible growth on my beautiful mare's leg."

Mary D. June 16


This is the email I just sent to my vet hospital to show them what a miracle Equaide is.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Without Equaide I know my horse would still be in serious trouble.  I will still keep you up to date with pictures, he is better every single day. Thank you so much."

Terri D. and Ransom June 10


"I love the Equaide. I have used it on my dog's proud flesh and it just gets rid of it. She has a spot on her front leg that she just won't stop licking. When ever it gets really bad I put the Equaide on it with a bandage and it just goes away."

Jill H. June 10


"We changed dressings today and I am attaching photos.  Her right front leg is amazing healing.

Her left rear leg has improved a lot too.  The swelling has decreased very much and leg is on longer as hard as a rock.  The tissue looks so much better as the photos I sent Monday compared to today will show.

I love your product so far.  Thank you."

Heather E. May 24


"My wife and I have two horses, Jake Cosmo a registered Quarter Horse Gelding and Marisha Margarita, a registered Arabian Mare (it was Marisha who became injured.)

When Marisha hurt her leg we were very concerned that her injury would not heal properly as she is very active and tends to find "trouble", so quick thorough healing was a must.  After doing some research we made the decision to use Equaide and purchased some from our local vet.  The they history and you would not even know she was ever injured the healing was so complete and swift!

Just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your product!  Equaide help my Arabian Mare heal a nasty leg injury so quickly it seemed to improve before my very eyes!

Although I hope the need seldom arises, I will use Equaide without hesitation whenever necessary.  I highly recommend this wonderful product to anyone who owns or keeps horses.

Equaide works even better then advertised!"

Dr. Julian C.  May 24


"I recently discovered your website and product during a search on the internet for "proud flesh."    I'm sure you receive lots of emails like this one stating how happy people are with your product.   But I still wanted to share my story with you.

One of our horses, Shadow, received a cut on the front of his fetlock joint on a back leg.    I'm lucky that my dad, a retired veterinarian, lives with my family so I am able to receive lots of "free" expert medical advice and assistance.  The cut wasn't a particularly bad cut, but because of the location on the lower leg and near a joint, we knew that the possibility of developing proud flesh would make the healing time much longer.     The other pain point we were dealing with was the fact that in order to limit Shadow's movement on the leg (to help prevent proud flesh development) we would need to put him in a stall.  We weren't looking forward to putting this particular buddy sour, pasture gelding on stall rest for the several months that it would take for the cut to heal.

After finding your website, I shared the information with my dad.  I won't say that he was skeptical, because he did think your product information sounded very interesting.    But, he thought spending approximately $40 (product price plus shipping) for a two ounce jar was crazy!   Well, call me crazy, because I ordered a jar of Equaide anyway!

We have been using Equaide for three weeks, applying it every two to three days.   The progress we are getting is simply amazing.   Each time we unwrap the leg, we can visibly see a reduction in the size of the wound.   A nice layer of granulation tissue has developed on the wound, but nothing excessive or protruding above the level of the skin.   During the course of my dad's career he has seen and dealt with many, many cuts and nasty proud flesh situations.   He has been totally amazed in the progress so far and can't believe how GOOD the wound is looking.   You have made him a believer, and he and I are both sharing our success story with as many other horse people that we can.

I'm predicting that our two ounce jar, which your web site states is about a three-week supply, will last us five to six weeks.   I'm also predicting that our estimate for the healing time of four to six months, because of the possibility of proud flesh developing, will be cut in half!    While Shadow is handling the stall confinement much better than we anticipated, we are looking forward to getting him back out in the pasture and being able to use him this summer.   What horse would want to spend beautiful spring and summer days confined to a stall, right?

Thanks so much for your product.  I'm just so thankful that I stumbled across your web site and was "crazy" enough to give it a try.   I know now that I wasn't crazy at all -- Equaide works exactly as you say!

Sincerely a very satisfied customer, "

Gail D.  April 12


"Back in late 2004, I purchased Equaide to use on my filly when she had a barbed wire slice on the back of her rear leg between the hoof and ankle. I am so amazed at how Equaide healed the injury. She has a very thin scar in the location now. I would not be surprised if I can get the hair to grow back. I will contact you again if I am able to do just that.  Thank you."

Sue F.  January 12


"I personally wanted you to know that I am now a full believer in Equaide. I had written to you about Equaide and was very skeptical as I had been using other products that also "claimed" to stop proud flesh and had not. I bought Equaide. I also called one of the vets listed as a supplier on the site, and he told me he thought I would be pleasantly surprised with the results. That they had recommended it several times and the results were always good. So I bought it and in 3 weeks of use, her leg has dramatically healed. I really was amazed. I don't know what is in this stuff, it actually looks and smells like a mud mask, but now she just has a tiny scabby place instead of a 50-cent piece size open, red, oozing wound.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my original email and telling me it had a money-back guarantee. I belong to several internet horse related lists and have recommended it to others."

Terry Q.


"I  purchased Equaide from you in late December 2003 and have been amazed with the results.  We had a mare that had a cut on her left ankle, it has done wonders healing. Your product is all you said it was.  Thank you."

Susie D.


"Last year I had a gelding who had proud flesh and I desperately searched the web for a product that really worked.  Luckily, I found yours.  He finally began to heal and eventually made a full recovery.

I now keep Equaide around for other injuries on my other horses and I have confidence that it will not only speed healing, but prevent a worsening of the injury.  Another horse had a very similar cut to the one listed above and thanks to Equaide it healed much quicker and easier. 

Thanks for such a great product.  If only all products (horse and human) could perform so well!"

Vicki H.


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