Below are some cases our customers have provided us representing Proud Flesh and Wounds. We always love pictures, so please feel free to share them with us. It is often difficult to get a complete set of pictures regarding a particular case, but we appreciate all of those who have tried. We know it is time consuming and we all have other priorities that pop up during our day. A special thank you for those that have been able to provide us the following images with their testimonies. Curing your horse, your satisfaction and your testimonials are the very foundation of our business.

WARNING: Some photos are quite graphical. But if you have eventually deal with wounds.

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Sarcoids - "Jack our horse had laser surgery in 2015 and a year on still had not healed.  It was painful to see him like this and found Equaide on the internet. I am still using it now and have found it the best treatment for Jack. It has taken away most of the granulation and it covers the remaining sarcoids from flys. It is far better than any other product to date. The second photo of healing is from a month into the Equaide treatment." - Andrea L.


I want to thank Melanie for sharing these pictures of DeeLion with us and for all her support. DeeLion's injury occurred on February 5 during a plane ride from Florida to Dominica, West Indies.

DeeLion was driven 5 hours on mountain roads to her farm where surgery was performed to reattach some tissues to the leg. The prognosis was very poor without substantial skin grafting and additional surgeries. Daily wrapping with antibiotic creams from the veterinarian and antibiotic injections twice daily for three weeks. The bone that was exposed was 3 inches long by 1 inch wide on the inside upper cannon. The veterinarian had a poor prognosis for bone exposed for such a long period of time without skin grafting surgery.


Alagaator had his knee completely opened. The first picture of Alagaator was taken 20 days after the injury and before the owners began using Equaide. The second photo was taken approximately 6 months later...completely healed!

Swanson Pony

“My pony was taking a nap up by the barn. A bossy gelding told one of the horses to move. When she hustled out of his way she didn't see the pony and tripped over her, stepping on her leg in the process. When the vet came, she said there would be little chance of the sutures holding for more than four or five days because of the damage to the tissue. She put 4 or 5 sutures in the vertical part of the wound and left the bottom part open to drain. She had bought a jar of Equaide, but hadn't had the opportunity to use it. I changed the bandage the next day. Everything looked well, but on the next bandage change the sutures were starting to fail and it was looking a bit oozy. I cleaned it off, applied the Equaide and wrapped it again. Next bandage change was 48 hours later. The wound was dry and the sutures were holding well. I continued changing her bandage and reapplying Equaide every other day. By day 10 I was able to remove her sutures, but the bottom part that was left unsutured was still a bit open. I rewrapped it again after more Equaide and when I unwrapped it four days later, it wasn't just healed to a closed over scar, but the hair had grown back. The second picture was at two weeks after the injury happened. It was like magic.” - Kathy S.

Super Filly

This case of proud flesh was provided by our friends in Canada who have chosen to share Super Filly's healing process with us.

Super Filly is completely healed and actually raced since the accident. Thanks again to our Canadian friends.


"Here is a picture history of the healing of my horse's leg thanks only to your product. Your product really did save his life.  I spent $1,000 and had 3 vets in the first month before I found your product.  I have told everyone I know who owns horses and got a local feed dealer to carry your product.  I had a veterinarian refer a client to me to show her how to heal her horse's leg (he said that conventional treatments would not work for the wound her horse had). "Elvis" would have been euthanized had I not found your product.  People think I work for you, but I am so excited about the success I had with your product that I feel compelled to share with others.  Anyone who thinks your product is expensive should think again!  I spent a total of $182 healing this wound (plus diapers). All I can tell anyone is:  Buy the product, follow the directions and if they need help to call you.  I did and have the proof.  Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you." - Laura B.


Sulty went through a metal gate and sliced her leg up.  The owner was using Ichthammol and Quartermaster for a deep infection that went down the leg.  Sulty was also on antibiotics for 2 weeks.  The owner had been sweating out the leg and proud flesh developed. On Aug 21, Equaide was recommended and treatment began.  Excessive granulation tissue bulged above the surrounding tissue over 3 mm. Owner was surprised at how fast Equaide worked and didn't think anything would work on her Arab because she says “this bloodline has a bad history of growing large amounts of proud flesh and scarring badly.”

2 Year Old Filly - Hoof Injury and Proud Flesh

"My two year old filly hung her foot in a fence on 8/29. When I discovered the injury, she had literally shaved all of the hide from the bottom her fetlock, down the pastern and into the very top of the coronet band."