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Your Trusted Solution for Wound Care and Skin Disorders. Initially crafted for treating proud flesh, Equaide has since revolutionized the healing of all wounds and skin issues. Boasting a unique blend of minerals and activated charcoal, our formula creates a protective ‘scab-like shell’ for rapid wound closure, while effectively deterring flies. Safe for every skin type, from racehorses to family pets, and endorsed by veterinarians since 1998. Free from alcohol, DMSO, and steroids, Equaide is competition-ready, with no banned substances, and certified by the Irish Medicines Board. Choose Equaide for powerful, proven healing.

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2oz. of Equaide Solution

The #1 Veterinarians Choice for over 20 years!

No Rinse, Antimicrobial 

8oz. Wound Wash

Pairs well with 2oz. Equaide Solution

Natural Deodorizing & Disinfecting Powder, Non-Toxic & Safe

Defender Dust

5oz. of Equaide Solution

The #1 Veterinarians Choice for over 20 years!


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Equaide is Amazing

Equaide is an all encompassing solution, for both your household pets and your farm animal friends. Below are some quick examples of what Equaide can help with, clicking the link will take you to our cases page where you can learn more.

Proud Flesh


Canine Injuries

Feline Injuries


Equaide's Top Product

The trusted choice of veterinarians

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