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HyTec Equine Group is the company that developed Equaide and provides other wound care products for horses, livestock, dogs, cats and other companion animals. While I, Traci Baker, was working as a Veterinary Technician and training a horse at the racetrack, our horse Ima had gotten injured and although received immediate and continued Veterinary care, she had developed proud flesh. Without any promising options for treatment I went to researching and with God on my shoulder I created Equaide in October of 1998. With Professional Veterinary guidance we treated and healed Ima in such a short period of time with absolutely no surgical intervention. The Veterinarians and myself recognized the need of so many owners and with help of my Family we decided to form the business HyTec Equine Group and produce Equaide for the world. We are a family owned business that loves horses and basically all animals, and operate out of Cincinnatus, New York.

What is Equaide

The Equaide Solution was initially developed for the treatment of excessive granulation tissue, commonly known as Proud Flesh. While focus was initially on treating proud flesh, it was quickly discovered that Equaide is effective at treating all types of wounds and skin disorders.

Equaide is safe for all skin types. It has been proven Safe and Effective at preventing and eliminating excessive granulation tissue (proud flesh) as well as accelerating wound closure. It has also been proven safe and effective in use on tendons and ligaments and does not harm healthy tissues. Equaide has been Trusted, Used and Recommended by Veterinarians since its formulation was recognized in October 1998 when it was first called Equine Proud Control. In 2001 the name changed to Equaide and the HyTec Equine Group, llc was formed. Safety and Efficacy studies were performed and we set out to change the way Veterinarians and Owners treated proud flesh and injuries on horses and other animals.

We often get inquiries regarding the ingredients of Equaide Solution. Our proprietary Formula is considered protected under Trade Mark Secrets. What we will say is that it is a blend of minerals and activated charcoal in a water base. Equaide Solution starts as a thin paste like substance and once applied to a wound surface dries to a protective “scab like shell” and will adhere to the tissue of a healthy granulation bed. If proud flesh is present the Equaide Solution dissolves the proud flesh tissues back to the healthy level, no further. Allowing the epithelial tissues (skin) to quickly form over the wound. The Equaide Solution is also a fly deterent, which is an added benefit in the stable environment.

The Equaide Pets line was launched in October 2018 and comes supplied with cotton balls for application to companion animals. This formula is a less concentrated version of our original Equaide Solution making it more desireable for small companion animal owners to use for their Family Pets. 

NO Alcohol, NO DMSO, NO Steroids are used in the Equaide Solution or Equaide Pets Solution formulas. 

Equaide Solution has been used in FEI level horses and does NOT contain any banned or prohibitted substances for competitions. 

Equaide is also safe for use in Racing athletes as there are NO prohibitted substances in our formula.

It has been determined that Equaide is also safe for use in food producing animals in Europe – NO withdrawal time required.

Officially certified by the Irish Medicines Board, Equaide can be used without risk up to and on the day of competition.

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