Equaide Solution and Proud Flesh Removal

Equaide was formulated to dissolve proud flesh without harming healthy tissues. Equaide will not burn, slough or scar healthy epithelial tisses.

Equaide Solution has been tested for Safety and Efficacy. Safe, Non-toxic

Equaide Solution contains no prohibited or banned substances for  FEI – USEF – Racing Commisions

No Steroids, No Alcohol, No DMSO

There is no withdrawal time for Livestock use.


Rebel and EQUAIDE

I have used this product years ago with great success for my (rescue) TWH, Rebel. He had injured his fetlock before he came to the rescue and his previous owners had not gotten vet help for him. They brought him to the rescue where I was a volunteer. The wound had developed proud flesh the size of a football on his fetlock. After I adopted him, none of the local vets wanted to touch him and said he couldn’t be fixed and recommended euthanasia.
I started to do research and found Equaide on the Internet. I used it according to the instructions and after 3 months it was dramatically reduced in size. At that time I contacted a few vets at teaching hospitals and finally found one that was willing to make him pasture sound. It happened to be Dr. Dean Richardson (2006 Kentucky Derby Winner Barbaro’s surgeon) at Univ. of Penn at New Bolton Ctr. He had the successful surgery and he is now a happy healthy horse loving life! I will be forever grateful to Dr. Richardson and Equaide!
Here are pictures of before Equaide and after Equaide!
The one picture is of Dr. Richardson and Rebel after surgery!
Kathy Ivy

Proud Flesh growth despite Veterinary intervention and treatment on a hind limb. 2018

Original Laceration Trauma to hind leg. Local Mobile Veterinarian contacted and started treatment. No tendon damage noted. Wound cleaned, skin edges trimmed and bandaged. Antibiotics started and Tetanus vaccine provided. Bandage changed on Veterinary recommendations.......
Within weeks - Proud Flesh growth growing uncontrolled with traditional remedies. Veterinarian wanted to do surgery..... owner could not afford the anesthesia and Surgical Hospital mounting costs. The owner and treating Veterinarian decided to use Equaide Solution to see if it would reduce the Proud Flesh and allow the skin to close the wound.
3 weeks using Equaide under a bandage. Daily changes with washing.

3 weeks vs 6 weeks of using Equaide under a bandage with daily changes and washing.

DeeLion was driven 5 hours on mountain roads to her farm where surgery was performed to reattach some tissues to the leg. The prognosis was very poor without substantial skin grafting and additional surgeries. Daily wrapping with antibiotic creams from the veterinarian and antibiotic injections twice daily for three weeks. The bone that was exposed was 3 inches long by 1 inch wide on the inside upper cannon. The veterinarian had a poor prognosis for bone exposed for such a long period of time without skin grafting surgery.

Dee Lion

Hock Injury with Proud Flesh Growth

Hock Injury - Proud Flesh Present - Day 1

Proud Flesh present after several days treatment with conventional methods. Cleaning and bandaging, antibiotics. No infection present. Equaide Solution started. Applied to cleansed wound. Bandaged.

Hock Injury Day 3

Hock injury after 1st application of Equaide Solution. Cleansed, applied and bandaged at 2 day interval. Considerable improvement noted. Contracting skin edges and decreased Proud flesh observed. No surgical debridement utilized.

Hock Injury Day 10

Proud Flesh no longer present. Bandaging no longer necessary. Wound is scabbed over, no drainage noted. 5 Applications of Equaide Solution at every 2 day intervals.

Coronary Band Injury - Proud Flesh growth

This horse had a coronary band injury that went unattended for several days. The wound became infected and proud flesh started growing. Several treatments were advised and a few attempted to remove and prevent further Proud Flesh growth. Antibiotics were given. Bandaging was done.
Equaide was contacted and started after 40 days
of failed attempts with traditional topical remedies.

Coronary Band Injury - Proud Flesh Eliminated with
Equaide Solution

Equaide Solution applied daily with cleansing and
re-application. Proud Flesh growth noticeably decreased in size and then detached from the base. No open bleeding notedwith removal. Skin edges clean and contracting. Healthy granulation bed remains in area of detatched growth.
Hoof wall growth improving.
Continued use of Equaide Solution for
closure of skin and hoof wall growth.
No further Veterinary intervention needed.

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