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How can I contact you if I have other questions about Equaide?

The best way to contact us is through email at If you would prefer to call you can reach us at (607) 863-4695.

What are the ingredients of Equaide?

 Patenting and trademark issues are currently preventing us from listing the ingredients of Equaide.  However, it has been necessary for us to disclose the ingredients to various officials of different governments in the veterinarian and biological divisions of customs for us to sell Equaide in those countries.  The unique formulation is safe and effective.

How many applications will I get out of a jar (2 ounces)?

The Equaide solution is highly concentrated and is applied thinly to any wound surface.  Application is typically done daily for the first week, and if required, every other day thereafter.  Naturally the size of the wound and the severity effects the amount of Equaide required.

Where can I get Equaide locally?

Please go to our distributor page for a list of tack stores and veterinarians which currently stock our product.  Once you have experienced how well it works, please let your veterinarian and tack store know.

Does it work on an old wound, scar or proud flesh?

Frankly, we haven’t found a wound yet that it doesn’t work on.  Yes, we are bragging, but it’s also true.  The first step, the area must be scrubbed or debrided to facilitate a small amount of blood.  Second, wash and blot the area dry then apply the Equaide and wrap with a non-stick pad.  Repeat the second step every day for one week, then every two days until healed.

Do you guarantee your product?

We have an unconditional 100% guarantee on our product.  Simply return the 2 ounce jar of Equaide within 60 days for a full refund.  While we are totally confident that Equaide works, we have stopped offering refunds on the 5 ounce jar due to the unscrupulous behavior of some consumers and the high cost of producing Equaide.

Do you have larger jars?

We have a 5 ounce jar for very large wounds or for veterinarians, farriers and large barns.  Contact us if you are interested.   If you have never used Equaide, please start with a 2 ounce jar since it is highly concentrated and goes a long way.

When do you ship?

Monday through Friday.  All other orders are shipped within 24 hours of being received.  Currently the United States Postal Service (that’s USPS – not UPS) is used for shipping in the United States.   Priority Mail (3 to 5 days) Express Mail (2 days).

Do you sell and ship internationally?

Yes.  Shipping rates and delivery times vary dramatically by country and we will confirm any differences with you by email upon receiving your order.   We ship via USPS using Global Priority.

Do I need to wrap the wound when using Equaide?

Tricky answer…No and Yes.  If treating a wound, No bandage is required.  The Equaide solution will quickly dry to a protective shell over the treated area.  While the Equaide solution will stick to the wound, wrapping prevents it from being brushed off in the barn or farm environment.  Treatment for wounds, cuts, or sores on the body or face do not require wrapping.  When treating Proud Flesh, wrapping is recommended until the granulation bed is level with the skin edges.  For a pictorial demonstration on wrapping a hind hock click here.

After cleaning, I blot the wound dry but it is still a bit weepy (not infected). When I remove the bandage a day later....there is not trace of Equaide left on the wound, just on the bandage. Should I wait for the product to be completely dry before bandaging?

We recommend using non-adherent pads like Telfa in direct contact with the wound, and then have the outer no-bows and wraps over them. If you use a woven gauze pad the Equaide will absorb into it, and not work effectively. So you need a Telfa pad directly over the Equaide. 
                Equaide will dry, but you can wrap the wound immediately if needed. Equaide adheres best to dry wounds just after washing with a mild soap and water, rinsed and patted dry. 
                As for treating a weeping wound multiple times daily, it is fine, but not necessary. If bandaging with a non-stick pad like Telfa, and washing well with warm soapy water, rinsing and drying well, it should be getting enough treatment.

How much do I need to worry about removing the residual Equaide on the sides of the wound when cleaning, treating and re-bandaging?

For the dry Equaide areas on the wound margins you should wash well, and wipe away what you can. If a trace is left, no worries, Equaide will not damage the tissue, and you can “paint” fresh Equaide over the top. If the Equaide starts to build up on the edges, soak the wound with warm soapy water for several minutes to moisten the areas more, and it will be easier to remove. 

I am dealing with some stubborn proud flesh that extends approximately 2mm above the skin. Do I need to scrape the proud flesh or just get it bleeding slightly with a good scrubbing?

Getting the areas to bleed slightly is necessary for Equaide to treat the proud flesh. With just a 2mm growth of proud flesh you shouldn’t need to do any “scraping”.  Just a good scrubbing with washing is fine.

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