2oz Equaide Solution – *** Special Price*** #1 Seller for 20 Years!! – Veterinarians Choice for Proud Flesh Prevention and Removal

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Equaide Solution has been proven Safe and Effective for PROUD FLESH Elimination and prevention. The Equaide Solution accelerates wound closure without harming healthy tissues.


  • Eliminates Proud Flesh
  • Prevents Proud Flesh formation on fresh wounds
  • adheres to healthy granulation bed forming a protective antimicrobial barrier – great for body wounds, head wounds, and even ears!!
  • does not harm healthy tissues
  • deters flies
  • CAN be used under a bandage

The Equaide Solution comes in a plus-sized jar for easy mixing and application. The Equaide Solution is also packaged with the following:

  • A mixing stick and applicator brush
  • Bandaging and care instructions
  • 3 sterile non-adherent pads size 3×4″

One ounce of Equaide Solution typically provides three weeks of treatment for an average wound.  Serious wounds tend to require five to six weeks of treatment.





Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in

5 reviews for 2oz Equaide Solution – *** Special Price*** #1 Seller for 20 Years!! – Veterinarians Choice for Proud Flesh Prevention and Removal

  1. Michelle D.

    Equaide is truly a special type of product. A game changer for wounds. I have used several other products in an attempt to heal a wound and nothing has come close to what Equaide has done in a few short weeks. Great product, I won’t be without a jar in my tack trunk. Also, my Veterinarian recommended it.
    Great company to work with, I called and Traci answered all my questions. I am a Health Care Professional and I feel confident in this company.

  2. Josh Bennett

    Great stuff, works every time we used it. I use it on cuts my horse gets out in the field and when I use this stuff the wounds have never gotten proud flesh. It stopped it from getting infected also. We have used this Equaide for many years and it has always worked. Thanks for the coupon!

  3. Jordan

    This stuff WORKS so FAST!!! Thank You – Thank you – THANK YOU!!!! I LOVE EQUAIDE!!!! I have been working on a pretty good size wound on the inside hind fetlock, about 3″ long by 2″ wide. I found it after a few days….. I started Equaide and washed/changed the bandages every 2-3 days and the wound is smaller than a pea now. Just over a month. I also stopped bandaging after 4 weeks. No scar. I LOVE EQUAIDE!!!!!!!
    ~ Jordan

  4. Tania C.

    Nothing else works like Equaide. Thank you for the coupons and free shipping! Excellent company to work with. Thank you for great products. Tania C.

  5. Abby Foltz

    Before I found Equaide, one of my horses’ (originally) quite minor scrape became infected when we were unable to keep it dry and free of flies in the humid Virginia summer. After thousands of dollars in vet bills, a week in the clinic, antibiotics, manuka honey wraps, and so much more, I turned to Equaide. I firmly believe that if I had found this earlier, it would have saved me nearly $10k in vet bills. It kept the flies off and cleared up the wound within 3 days, and I now use it on every cut or scrape, no matter how small. This product is quite literally a life saver.

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