The Proud Flesh Eliminator – The #1 Trusted Choice of Veterinarians

Our company is a family owned business who is here to help your pets without dangerous chemicals

While I was working in the thoroughbred industry, I developed Equaide for the treatment of excessive granulation tissue, commonly known as Proud Flesh. While my focus was initially on treating proud flesh, I quickly discovered that Equaide was effective at treating all types of wounds and many skin disorders. I worked with a number of veternarians and stables on eastern Long Island and in Maryland providing my solution; but it wasn’t until a wonderful veternarian in Maryland encouraged me to sell Equaide more broadly that the HyTec Equine Group was born in 2001.

We Are The Vets #1 Choice

Our Reasoning

Equaide Is For Everybody

While Equaide was initially designed for horses, we have solutions that will work for all of your furry friends!

Equaide is Safe

There are other solutions on the market, but not a single one of them boasts the safety of Equaide. We are confident that your pets will face no issue with our product!

Equaide Has A History

Equaide has been around for years, and will continue to be around to be the solution that your animals need.

Equaides #1 Product

2oz Equaide Solution
$ 26
  • Eliminates Proud Flesh
  • Prevents Proud Flesh From Forming On Fresh Wounds
  • Can Be Used Under Bandages
Vets Choice

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Email: Tbaker@equaide.com

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